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Permobil C400 Corpus 3G
Permobil C400 Corpus 3G
Reference : C400

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Permobil C400 Corpus 3G

Model C400 By Permobil

Thin Might Be In, But it's time to start getting out

The C400 Corpus 3G represents the perfect union of design and advanced engineering concepts. The small profile of the C400 allows for better indoor maneuverability, yet it also provides superior outdoor performance. In addition, the Corpus 3G seating system follows the contours of the body and offers infinite adjustments for a custom fit.

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The armrests feature built-in channels for cable routing, which greatly reduces the need for messy wire ties; while the legrests are curved for better support. Reclining a full 175°, the Corpus 3G is designed for comfort beyond comparison. The C400 Corpus 3G is truly a reason for celebration.


Permobil C400 Features

Permobil C400 Tilt Functions Permobil C400 Recline Functions Permobil C400 Elevator Functions Permobil C400 Armrest
Dura Core Tilt

Up to 50° of tilt standard.

Power Recline

Up to 175° of recline.

8" Power Seat Elevator

Bring the world to your fingertips.

Independent Armrests

Adjustable height and angle.


Permobil C400 Split Back Permobil C400 Flat Seat Pan Permobil C400 Unitrack Permobil C400 Advanced Legrest
Easy Split Back

Adjustable in 1" increments.

Flat Seat Pan

Easily adjustable width and depth.

Integrated Unitrack

Easily mount accessories and headrests.

Advanced Legrest

Adjustable with comfortable footplates.


Your Chair, Your Colors.

We believe that your chair should be a reflection of your personality, so we offer a wide variety of standard color options for you to choose from for your shroud and hubcaps.


Permobil C300 Black Onyx Permobil C300 Volcano Red Permobil C300 Popstar Pink Permobil C300 Purple Rain Permobil C300 Cobalt Blue Permobil C300 Phantom Grey
Black Onyx Volcano Red Popstar Pink Purple Rain Cobalt Blue Phantom Grey


Available Power Functions


Permobil C300 Tilt Function available Permobil C300 Recline Function available Permobil C300 Elevator Function available Permobil C300 Legrest Function available


Available Fabric Options


Permobil C300 Mesh Fabric Permobil C300 Leather Fabric


Compatible Seating Systems


Permobil C300 Corpus 3G seating system

Corpus 3G

Evolutionary has truly become Revolutionary! Developed along with the original Corpus® designer - Bengt Engström - the Corpus 3G features an ergonomic design that follows the contours of the body providing the ultimate in comfort and support

Permobil C300 PS seating system


Versatile, Adjustable, Durable… this is Permobil's PS seating. The sliding, telescoping frame and expanding seat pan allow for full range of adjustment. Plus, the PS is constructed of a strong tubular material, making it a rugged option for any lifestyle.

C300 Corpus 3G Specifications

Maximum User Weight 300 lbs 136 kg
Maximum Speed Options 4 MPH, 6.5 MPH 8 km/h, 10.5 km/h
Driving Range (1) 25 miles 40 km
Base Width 24" 615 mm
Base Length 35" 890 mm
Minimum Turning Radius 26" 660 mm
Ground Clearance 2.75" 70 mm
Optional Seat Elevator 8" 200 mm
Battery Type Group 34  
Drive Electronics 90A / 120A R-net  
Maximum Slope (2) 10° Up / 10° Down  
Seat to Floor Height (Elevator) 18.75" 475 mm
(Seat Tube) 18.75", 19.5" 475, 495 mm
Tilt Options (Power) 0° — 50°
  (Manual) -5° — 45°
Recline Options (Power) 85° — 175°
  (Manual) 85° — 120°
Legrest Elevation (Power) 85° — 170°
  (Manual) 85° — 170°
Armrest Pad Lengths 10", 13", 16" 260, 335, 410 mm
Seat Widths 17", 19", 21", 23" 420, 470, 520, 570 mm
Seat Depths 14" — 22" 370 — 570 mm
Backrest Heights 20", 23" — 28" 500, 570 — 710 mm


C400 Corpus Features


C400 Innovative design

Innovative design

C400 has a compact and innovative design combining an elegant appearance with innovative technology and providing enhanced maneuverability indoors and superior outdoor performance.

C400 Ergonomic design

Ergonomic design

Highly developed ergonomic design makes Corpus very restful and pleasant to sit in. The seat has been developed in cooperation with world leaders in ergonomics.

C400 Advanced suspension system

Advanced suspension system

An advanced suspension and spring system makes gives a smooth and comfortable ride in most settings.

C400 Permolock C vehicle lock

Permolock C vehicle lock

The chassis is fully compatible with the new vehicle lock Permolock C.

C400 Modular seat

Modular seat

Corpus is designed in modules, making it extraordinarily flexible and adaptable for extreme demands for seat comfort, support and special functions.

C400 Modular seat

Quick battery access

Side battery doors provide quick and easy access to batteries.

    Weight Capacity 300 lbs 136 kg
    Seat to Floor Height (Elevator) 18.75" 475 mm (Seat Tube) 18.75", 19.5" 475, 495 mm
    Turning radius 26" 660 mm
    Back Height Range 20", 23" — 28" 500, 570 — 710 mm
    Seat Width 17", 19", 21", 23" 420, 470, 520, 570 mm
    Seat Depth 14" — 22" 370 — 570 mm
    Base length 35" 890 mm
    Base width 24" 615 mm
    Ground clearance 2.75" 70 mm
    Battery Group 24
    Estimated travel range 25 miles 40 km
    Maximum Speed 4 MPH 6.5 km/h
    Optional Seat Elevator 8" 200 mm
    Drive Electronics 90A R-net
    Maximum Slope 10° Up / 10° Down
    Tilt Options (Power) 0° — 50 (Power) -5° — 45°
    Recline Options (Power) 85° — 175° (Manual) 85° — 120°
    Legrest Elevation (Power) 85° — 170° (Manual) 85° — 170°
    Armrest Pad Lengths 10", 13", 16" 260, 335, 410 mm

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