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Wheelchair Backs
When selecting a wheelchair back one must take into consideration a combination of support, comfort and protection. Other factors such as posterior and lateral pelvic stability along with enhanced trunk support, lightweight and angle adjustable for easy installation, fitting and removal to fold the wheelchair are need to be considered.
  • Foam Back
    The foam seat backs come in different flavors including contoured foam inserts that distributes pressure over a wider area to increase comfort and reduce the risk of skin breakdown, mildly curved shell for posterior pelvic and mild lateral thoracic stability to a layer of soft foam that can enhance comfort for increased sitting tolerance throughout the day.
  • Air Backs

    The air backs provide postural control and stability, it also offers air floatation and supplemental lumbar or sacral support. All are inflatable to adjust to your needs. Air cushions design offer either low profile or quadrant options. One drawback to air cushions is that they require more maintenance. It is necessary to check the pressure frequently, especially if you have pressure sores.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 18 items