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Rifton Mobile Stander Small K130
Rifton Mobile Stander Small K130
Reference : K130

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Rifton Mobile Stander Small K130

Model K130 By Rifton

Standing skills. Social skills.

Eye to eye, smile to smile – engaging with peers is so much more rewarding for individuals with special needs when they can interact in an upright and mobile position.

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The Rifton Dynamic Stander, a mobile prone stander, makes it easy – even for those with no weight-bearing ability.

The Rifton Dynamic Stander provides new independence and standing mobility for wheelchair- bound children and adolescents. More importantly, this mobile stander helps strengthen critical motor skills so a child can progress toward independent standing.


Even children who are low-tone or dependent can be helped to gain the weight-bearing and postural control needed for standing. The adjustability of the Dynamic Stander allows for prompt reduction and removal. In this way, many children are able to achieve virtually independent standing.


Freedom to explore

With the Rifton Dynamic Stander’s removable large wheels in place, clients can self-propel in a standing position – free to explore their surroundings alongside (and often ahead of!) their playmates.


Freedom to participate

Remove its large wheels, and the Rifton mobile prone stander easily rolls right up to a table or a counter enabling participation in crafts and other stationary activities.


Fresh features

The Dynamic Stander is available in three colors: blue, raspberry and lime. Its padded body support is covered with health-care grade vinyl.


User Dimensions

Rifton Dynamic Stander User Dimensions Key User Dimension: Height

Select the appropriate Dynamic Stander by the user's overall height. Choose the model that allows for growth.

Important: Make sure that the users weight does not exceed the maximum working load.

Rifton Dynamic Stander sizes

Use this Dimensions Chart to help you make the right choice Rifton synamic stander Mini (K110)
Mini (K110)
Rifton synamic stander Mini (K130)
Small (K130)
Rifton synamic stander Mini (K150)
Medium (K150)
Rifton synamic stander Mini (K170)
Large (K170)
Suggested Height Range
25" - 32" 30" - 40" 37" - 52" 48" - 65"

Overall length and width

25 x 25½ 25 x 25½ 32 x 29 39 x 33½

Overall height

22½ - 28 23½ - 30 30 - 39 37½ - 49

Width without big wheels

21 21 25 28½

Wheel diameter

20 20 27 35

Length of body support

14½ 20½ 25 32

Width of body support

7 - 10 7 - 10 9 - 12 10 - 14

Height of body support

16½ - 22 22 - 29 29 - 38 36 - 48

Seat Pad

6 x 7 6 x 7 6 x 7 8 x 11

Item weight (lbs)

28 30 40 65

Maximum working load (lbs.)

50 50 120 175

Recommended use

The Dynamic Stander is a Class 1 medical device. It is designed to help a child to stand. The straps, seat pad and contoured body support allow full to no weightbearing by a user who has no active use of trunk and leg muscles.


The wide-standing platform helps the user to spread his or her legs for hip development and can accommodate leg braces.


The Dynamic Stander is appropriate for your MOVE® Curriculum. Available from MOVE® International, the curriculum explains the MOVE® program and use of specially designed MOVE® equipment. (www.move-international.org)



Rifton Dynamic Stander Adjustements capabilities 1


  • Use knobs (A) to adjust body support up and down. Before a client is placed in the stander, always adjust body support height and tighten both knobs (A).
  • Use four knobs (B) to adjust width of body support.
Rifton Dynamic Stander Adjustements capabilities 2
  • Top strap (C) can be adjusted and positioned at center of back underneath the arms, or behind the head to be used as a neck support.
  • The seat pad (D) can be adjusted up and down and angled in a variety of ways. Four separate straps (E) and multiple snap hook positions (F) allow for individualized positioning. By adjusting the position and angle of the seat pad, a client can be firmly supported in an upright standing position or in a flexed stance to allow for contractures of hips and knees. For more support a second seat pad can be placed in the middle of the back.
  • Top strap (C) can be adjusted and positioned at center of back underneath the arms, or behind the head to be used as a neck support.
  • Knee straps (G) secure the knees in a standing or partially standing position. If a client needs abduction, two additional straps can be ordered. For a small child, use the top slots in the body support for the knee straps. For a larger person, use both bottom slots.
  • Optional 32" wheels can be removed using a simple push button. Rolling casters allow for convenient interaction between the client and his or her environment.


Rifton Dynamic Stander Mobility capabilities


When the large wheels are in place, the Dynamic Stander becomes a vehicle for independent movement. The hand rims on the large wheels allow children to self-propel. This encourages weight shifting, improved strength, range of motion, balance and righting responses. The big casters and large wheels can accommodate level outdoor surfaces. The locks on the large wheel can be reached and operated by children with good hand use, or by the caregiver. Gym teachers love how the Dynamic Stander allows children to participate in many games and sports.


Rifton Dynamic Stander Flexibilities


Reverse Position

If a child actively extends their hips and knees in full weight-bearing, they can progress to the reverse position. With the body support at the back, the child’s postural control is challenged. In some cases, two seat pads are used: one supports the knees, while the other can support the trunk. Even children with significant scoliosis or lordosis can be positioned in this manner. It is a great position for strengthening the trunk and stretching out tight hip flexor muscles.

    Height 30"-40" (64cm. - 81cm.)
    Weight 30lbs. (14kg.)
    Max. working load 50 lbs. (23 kg.)
    Overall length and width 25" x 25½" (64 cm.x 65 cm.)
    Overall height 23½"-30" (60cm - 76cm)
    Width without big wheels 21" (53 cm.)
    Wheel diameter 20" (51cm.)
    Width of body support 7"-10" (18cm. -25 cm.)
    Height of body support 22"-29" (56cm. -74cm.)
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