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Mobile standers and standing equipment are for people who want to stand without having to stand still. Because muscles and joints tend to stiffen if they’re not used, long-term sitting can lead to contractures of the ankles, knees and hips. Always consult a doctor before starting a standing program.

  • Supine Stander
    Unless there is an underlying medical reason that would prevent standing, every one can benefit from a standing program, especially when they cannot stand independently. A standing device allows children and adults with differing abilities to maintain a symmetrical standing posture for an extended period of time. This extended period of time allows the muscles to elongate and stretch, stimulating the new tissue growth needed to catch up to their bone growth. The other benefits are many and include: increased bone density, a more alert state, increased cardio-pulmonary output, and improved peer interaction.
  • Prone Stander

    Prone Standers allow for physical development and greater social interaction - enabling clients to experience the world more fully while building strength for the future.

  • Dynamic Stander

    Dynamic standers provide the greatest possible mobility, independence and safety. Dynamic standers are easy to maneuver and can help promote the development of the motor skills and in some cases studies have indicated an increase in bone mineral density. While standing a dynamic stander may also give children with severe cerebral palsy an opportunity for movement in the lower extremities and trunk.

  • Support Station

    Support Stations enables diapering, toileting and hygiene care to occur in a comfortable, convenient and dignified standing position. Greater independence and dignity putting an end to infant-like horizontal hygiene can have dramatic emotional benefits. Even people with very limited weight-bearing ability can now participate in their own personal care.

  • Multi Function Standers

    When there aree multiple goals goals to achieve multi function standers are a great choice as they usually feature one stander for prone, supine, and upright standing! These standers have interchangeable functionality and allow to change between prone, supine, and vertical standing!

  • Vertical Stander

    Vertical Standers are designed as positioning aids for users who do not have adequate balance to stand independently and who need lower body support to attain alignment while standing. Reported benefits of standing include a decrease in the occurrence of contractures and fractures.

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