Sling Selection

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A sling is used with a patient lift to facilitate the transfer of a person. A sling comprises a specially designed and constructed piece of fabric, which is placed under and around a resident before being attached to the spreader bar/cradle of a lift to raise, transfer and lower the resident. When selected and used correctly, a sling and lift will achieve a safer transfer, reducing the risks associated with manual handling.

  • Bariatric slings

    The different body shapes of bariatric clients require different sling solutions. A client assessment that covers weight, body shape and individual preferences is required in order to select the optimum sling solution for safety and maximized comfort.

  • Clip Slings

    Comfortable clip slings for ceiling lifts and passive floor lifts. Ddesigned for use with four-point Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) spreader bars, which provide a more comfortable reclined position in the sling and a more even distribution of the resident's/patient’s weight.

  • Disposable Slings

    Disposable Slings (Flites) made for efficient, hygienic lifting routines. Designed to meet the needs and challenges of healthcare facility, hospital and acute care environments.

  • Loop slings

    Comfortable loop slings for ceiling lifts and passive floor lifts. Loop slings for the traditional two-point and four-point spreader bars

  • Standing/Raising slings

    Standing and raising slings enable clients to be raised up from a bed, chair, toilet or wheelchair for transfer or transportation

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