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Luggie Portable Scooter
Luggie Portable Scooter
Reference : FR168-4IT

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Luggie Portable Scooter

Model FR168-4IT By Luggie Scooters

Luggie offers a new and innovative design, adjustable arms, adjustable steering height, the telescopic control tiller forms part of the handle similar to a suitcase and it has specially designed wheels so it can be wheeled around.

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Why not experience the comfort and convenience of riding Luggie in your daily journey. The Luggie is a portable, foldable mobility scooter that easily folds up to fit in a trunk or front seat makes the Luggie very portable. Whether you’re going shopping, attending an exhibition or waiting for a departure at airport, the Luggie will make your day more pleasant and tireless.


Luggie was designed to effectively enhance the mobility and flexibility. Even in the narrow of corner or inside of elevator, you can ride the Luggie without obstruction.  Specially equipped with an easy operation tiller for moving forward and backward by just gently pressing wigwag.


Luggie features a light weight, easy carry, direct folding design and less occupation of space are the high-tech features which meet your best satisfactions. With Luggie, you will experience a truly comfortable journey no matter where you go.


The Luggie has a state-of-the-art, lithium-ion battery for long, reliable power life. It will run for about 11 miles at up to 4 miles per hour depending on the rider weight, the road condition and the steepness of any slopes.


Luggie scooter easily folds and be rolled much like a suitcase

Carry it Anywhere

The luggie's versatile design makes it easier to take your scooter anywhere, including planes, trains, automobile and buses. The luggie scooter can be taken abroad, the lightweight lithium ion battery has been cleared for air travel and is the only scooter battery to be endorsed by American Airlines. Has integral trolley wheels so you can wheel it behind you like a suitcase and can even go into a cargo hold or car boot in its own suitcase

Luggie Adaptive Characteristics

Luggie's Small Footprint

The luggie folding scooter can be folded in several ways to make it easy to lift in and out of cars.

Luggie Stowaway Characteristics

Low Profile

Folds in less than a minute without the use of any tools. With the optional carrying case that looks just like a little suitcase, you can ride it right up to the entrance of the plane and the airline will store it for you or you could easily put it into the baggage check.



Maximum weight capacity 250 lbs
Maximum speed Up to 4 mph
Ground clearance 2.5"
Turning radius 35.5"
Overall length Unfold 39"
Overall length Folded 26"
Overall width 18"
Front Tires 2"X 6" solid
Rear Tires 2"X 7" solid
Anti-tips Rear
Standard seating Foldable, compact, t, vinyl-covered molded plastic.
Drive train 24-volt DC motor, sealed mini-transaxle
Dual braking system Electronic, regenerative and electromechanical.


Battery charger Off-board, 5 amp
Per-charge range Up to 11 miles( w/ 8.5 AH Lithium )
Battery requirements 24 volt Lithium-ion battery pack compatible batteries


Battery 8.5 AH battery pack (4.4 lbs.)
Weight without battery pack 51.7 lbs



  • Comfortable seat
  • Adjustable arms, steering height, and angle
  • Alloy aluminum construction
  • easy to maneuver forward, backward and around corners in tight spaces
  • Non-scuffing tires to protect floors
  • Auto-connecting front to rear cable.
  • Front frame-mounted seat post offers maximum stability.
  • Modular design for easy serviceability.
  • Convent off-board dual voltage charger can charge battery pack on-board or off-board.
  • Some assembly required
  • Warranty: 3-year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

Q1: How do I turn on the Luggie scooter?
A1: Locate the on/off switch below the handlebar on the right side. If you don't see solid red on the switch, check to make sure the battery has been properly installed or refer to the owner's manual for diagnosis.

Q2: What does the magnetic brake release do?
A2: In time of emergency, or when your battery is out of power, disengaging the magnetic brake release will inhibit you from driving the scooter; but, it will allow your scooter to be pushed freely by an attendant.

Q3: Are there safety modes in place even when the magnetic brake release has been disengaged?
A3: Yes. If the attendant pushes the scooter too quickly while the magnetic brake release is disengaged, the scooter will brake or stop. If the attendant pushes slowly, the scooter will move easily without braking. If the attendant pushes too quickly, the Luggie safety mechanism will trigger and stop the scooter. If this happens, come to a complete stop to allow the safety mechanism to reset before starting again.

Q4: What if my Luggie doesn't start?
A4: First, check to see that the battery is installed properly in the battery compartment before turning on the power switch. If the battery is installed properly, check the battery indicator. Next, if the indicator is in the red zone (out of battery), charge your battery. Another indication that the battery is almost out of power is if the power switch flashes once per second and the battery indicator is in the red zone. Finally, if the power switch flashes five times per second and your battery indicator is in the green zone (charged state of the battery), make sure the magnetic brake release hasn't been disengaged. If the magnetic brake release is disengaged, turn off the power switch, engage the magnetic brake release then turn on the power switch before driving.

Q5: How do I move forward, reverse, and stop on the Luggie scooter?
A5: Gripping the right wig-wag lever lets you move forward on the Luggie scooter. Gripping on the left wig-wag lever allows you to move in reverse. To stop, simply let go of both levers.

Q6: Am I able to adjust the speed of my Luggie scooter?
A6: You can adjust the speed of your Luggie by adjusting the speed control dial. When the dial is adjusted to the turtle mode, the scooter speed is at its slowest. As you adjust the dial toward the rabbit icon on the speed control dial, the speed of the Luggie will increase to the top speed of four miles per hour.

Q7: When should I charge my battery?
A7: Charge your battery when the battery indicator is in the red region on the battery indicator.

Q8: How long will it take to fully charge the battery?
A8: The time required to fully charge your battery will depend on the depth of discharge on the battery. The minimum time taken to recharge the battery fully will vary between 4-6 hours.

Q9: What do I do if I want to store my Luggie and battery for a long period of time?
A9: When storing your Luggie and battery for a long period of time, fully charge your battery and place the battery so it's not fully connected to the leads on your Luggie scooter. The battery should never be stored fully discharged. Fully discharging you battery pack and storing your scooter will put your battery in a "sleep mode" which could render it unchangeable when you are ready to use it.

Q10: How should I fold the Luggie to check it for air travel?
A10: The best way to fold the Luggie and check it for air travel is to retract the tiller and fold both the tiller down to the base of the scooter along with the seat. By making the scooter flat (folding down both the tiller and the seat), it's easier for airline crew to handle and transport the scooter without damaging the scooter.

Q11: How do I remove the battery from the battery compartment (locked position)?
A11: To remove the battery from its compartment, press the battery release button all the way in while pulling on the back edge of the battery. This will release the battery from the locked position.

Q12: How long will my lithium battery last?
A12: The life of your lithium battery will depend on use and care. Like any consumable product, the battery will deteriorate in performance and reduce in range with time and use. Batteries tend to deteriorate in performance and reduce in range when left in a discharged state, left in cold conditions for extended periods, or worn due to heavy use.

Q13: Where can I drive Luggie?
A13: The Luggie was designed to provide optimum stability under normal driving conditions for indoor use on dry, level surfaces. We realize that there will be times when you will encounter other types of surfaces. Please take caution when driving in any conditions. Luggie is not recommended for uneven terrain, rain, snow, steep inclines, sand gravel, or uneven surfaces.

Q14: How do I unfold my Luggie scooter?
A14: Refer to the Quick Start Guide provided in your packaging or the owner's manual on unfolding your new scooter.

Q15: How do I adjust the angle of my tiller?
A15: Lift the trigger handle out to bring the tiller toward or away from you while seated.

Q16: What should I do if my battery doesn't charge?
A16: Call the customer service department to troubleshoot. Do not remove the seal from the battery. Your battery warranty will be void if the seal is broken. If the battery is faulty and still under warranty, request a RMA number from Luggie Scooter Inc. before shipping back the battery for replacement. If the battery is no longer under warranty, properly dispose of the old faulty battery and purchase a new Luggie battery from an authorized reseller.

Q17: Who do I contact if I need replacement parts for my Luggie scooter?
A17: Contact DMEShoppe.com your authorized Luggie reseller for replacement parts on your Luggie scooter.

Q18: How do I ensure my seat is locked in position?
A18: Check to see that the seat-lock indicator is red on both the right and left side to ensure your seat is locked in place.

Q19: Where can I purchase accessories and/or replacement parts for the Luggie scooter?
A19: You can purchase accessories and Luggie parts from Luggie authorized dealers throughout USA or directly from Luggie Scooter Inc.

Q20: Where do I find the serial number for my Luggie scooter?
A20: The serial number for your scooter can be found on the underside of the scooter. With the scooter in the unfolded position and the Luggie chassis hooks locked, lift up the front bumper and set the scooter upright. The serial number will be on the left inside frame of your scooter.

Q21: Do I have to send in my Luggie warranty registration?
A21: To ensure that your Luggie is covered under manufacturer's warranty, you must send in the Luggie Scooter Warranty Registration card included with your scooter. You can also register your Luggie scooter the Luggie website. You will need the serial number of your scooter and your bill of sale/receipt to complete the registration. [http://www.freeriderhealthcare.com/warranty.php] Sales: This URL does not work but it fine if you remove the copy after the backslash; can you pls update?

Q22: How do I fold my Luggie to put in the Luggie suitcase?
A22: First, compress the tiers of the tiller completely. Then lower the tiller by lifting the trigger to lower the tiller and lock the tiller in the tiller locking clamp. Next, unhook the chassis hook and bring down the chair by simultaneously squeezing on the seat lock handle as you guide the chair down. Finally, pull up on the base of the chair until the front chassis locks with the back chassis. Optionally, you can raise the tiller tier to the desired height for easy towing of the Luggie.

Q23: Does the Luggie go to sleep when it is idle for a long period of time?
A23: Yes, the Luggie will go to sleep when idle for 15 minutes.

Q24: How do I wake the Luggie once it is in sleep mode?
A24: There are two ways to wake the Luggie in sleep mode. The first way to wake the Luggie is to pull on the wig-wag a couple of times to wake the scooter. The recommended way to wake the Luggie is to power off the scooter before powering it back on.

Q25: Will my battery deplete in power when it is in sleep mode?
A25: Yes, your Luggie battery will deplete in power even in sleep mode. If you are in idle mode for a long period of time, it's recommended that you power off the scooter completely to conserve battery power.

Q26: What's the recommended way to adjust the angle of the tiller?
A26: It's recommended that you lift the trigger upward completely before adjusting the angle of the tiller so as not to unnecessarily wear the mechanism.

Q27: When should I charge my Luggie battery?
A27: It's recommended that you charge your battery when the battery indicator is in the red zone. This will prevent your Luggie scooter from stalling or coming to a complete stop when you are out and about.

Q28: Do I need to remove the battery when I travel via air?
A28: According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the removal of the lithium battery is required before your Luggie scooter can be checked without restrictions. According to IATA, each passenger is allowed the capacity of one Luggie lithium battery. If you would like to travel with additional batteries, please ask your travel companion to carry it for you or check with your airline of travel for additional details. Note: It's recommended that you check with your airline of travel prior to traveling in regard to checking your Luggie scooter. Please be advised that different airlines may handle the checking of the scooter and lithium battery differently.

Note: Please refer to your owner's manual if your questions are not covered here.



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