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Stay Independent, a mobility scooter can keep you more active and more independent. Mobility scooters make it possible to get around easily indoors and outdoors and can potentially eliminate any risk of falling. If you are recovering from an illness or injury a mobility scooter can help you heel faster and keep you mobile. Whether you need to go shopping or simply getting around the house a mobility scooter can help you regain your freedom without expending all your energy.

  • Three Wheeled Scooters

    The 3 wheel mobility scooters are generally built with two wheels in the back and one in the front, they work in indoor and outdoor situations where there ability to make tight turns makes navigation simple. The 3 wheel mobility scooters have greater maneuverability than four wheel scooters because of their tighter turning radius. They are well suited for indoor use, or outdoors on paved streets and can maneuver well in crowded areas such as the supermarket or mall.

  • Four Wheeled Scooters

    It is important that you choose mobility scooters that fit your lifestyle, abilities and plans. The most obvious difference between mobility scooters is whether they have 3 wheels or 4 wheels, but the difference is more than just looks. 4 wheeled scooter are most reliable when it comes to outdoor use on rough, uneven terrain. Two wheels in front and back make for a stable ride.Turning radius is not as tight as most 3-wheel power scooters and may not allow you to maneuver as well within the home or in crowded areas. Typically wider and therefore less likely to fit down narrow hallways and tight spaces

  • Travel Scooters

    Travel scooters are built to be conveniently transported and stored. Ideally they disassemble into smaller parts for easy loading into a car, bus, truck, van or airplane. Generally all the pieces can easily be put together without the need of any tools. Travel scooters are about convenience.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 27 items