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Power chairs are a great option for those looking for added mobility and independence. Power chairs have a wide range of prices with some starting as low as $3000 to some as high as $30000. Higher-end chairs are constructed of extremely strong materials and may be equipped with full suspension systems and, in some cases, systems that can control electronics such as lights and powered doors.

  • Front Wheel

    Whether choosing your first power wheelchair or your next power wheelchair, picking the correct drive system for your needs is one of the first and most important decisions you’ll make.


    The selection should be based on your lifestyle and your ADL's. The location of the chair's wheels powered by the motor has a definite effect on the chair’s performance in different environments. The wheel can be placed in the rear, middle or front of the chair.

  • Mid Wheel Drive

    The Mid Wheel drive wheelchairs have 6 wheels in total 2 casters in the front and rear and a big mid-wheel in the center. The position of the drive wheels significantly affects the space needed for the chair to turn around, and the way the chair maneuvers in tight spaces.

    • Mid-wheel drives are the most maneuverable because they have the smallest 360-degree turning circumference and the tightest turning radius (20 to 26 inches).
    • Mid Wheel drive wheelchairs are the most stable wheelchair on slopes, as front and back casters prevent tipping forward or backward.
    • More sensitive to change of direction than rear wheel drive, due to drive wheel position and six points of contact.
    • The chair’s center of gravity is about even with center of chair. The drive wheels under the user make it stable over even ground. Maneuvering becomes more intuitive, because the drive wheel is in line with the user’s head and center of gravity. May be better for people with perceptual and/or cognitive impairment.
    • On sand or soft ground, the drive wheels may sink into the soft terrain, causing loss of traction.
  • Rear Wheel

    Rear-wheel drive wheelchairs provide the smoothest rides when traveling outdoors because they have, or can have, independent suspension, meaning they have shock absorbers on all four wheels.
    Another advantage of the rear-wheel drive wheelchairs is when it comes to driving straighter at higher speeds, the rear-wheel drive is the most stable because most of the weight of the chair is around the drive wheels. Because it can cover a lot of ground quickly, this type of drive is helpful for students traveling large high school or university campuses.

  • Transportable

    Transportable and lightweight power wheelchairs fit in car trunks, then go all day The power chairs generally can be folded or easily taken apart. With the Go-chair, for example, you can split the wheelchair into four separate pieces. Portable power chairs are good for indoor use, and for very good surfaces such as good pavements and shopping malls, supermarkets.

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