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  • Pediatric Tilt-in-Space

    A Tilt-in-Space provides a change in position for individuals who cannot maintain pelvic, trunk, head position, and/or balance against gravity for prolonged periods of time.


    Tilt causes you to shift from your bottom to your back, which can also aid in preventing postural collapse where individuals are at risk for respiratory or digestive complications. A Tilt-in-space provides weight shift/pressure redistribution by increasing the seating surface area, and redistributing pressure away from critical areas under the pelvis.

    In an upright, seated posture, the majority of the body’s weight is at the seat surface interface.


    • Tilt-in-space provide pressure relief without changing the center of gravity
    • Easiest accommodation of postural/orthopedic asymmetries and extremity contractures.
    • Increase sitting tolerance in the course of the day.
  • Fixed-Tilt Wheelchairs

    A 30° fixed-tilt provides improved positioning for children with limited upper body strength or trunk stability.

  • Pediatric Rigid

    When selecting a wheelchair the options are endless. Because children and adolescents are always growing they must be changed or replaced more often than an adult chair. Since insurance providers more often than not place limitations replacement, manufacturers offer chairs that allow adjustments to be made to accommodate a growing child.

  • Pediatric Power

    Mobility for a child is more than just an accomplishment it’s also how a child learns. The brain has shown neuroplasticity throughout the lifespan, it is less able to change after critical periods of development have passed.  Some studies have concluded that active experiences are crucial for brain development.


    Pediatric power mobility is quickly being prescribed more an more as it not only helps in achieving independence, it also assists in the development learning and the environment.  It encourags playing, socializing, and learning and prevent the child from being excluded from group activities. is that it increases spatial reasoning.  Allowing a child to be mobile also helps the child learn a sense of self reliance and confidence. 

  • Pediatric Folding

    The Pediatric folding wheelchairs are versatile and easy to carry. The fold for easy transport.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 24 items