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Patient Lifts

Lifts are used for patients whose mobility is limited, it facilitates the transfer between a bed and a chair or other similar resting places.

  • Power Patient Lifts

    The Power Patient Lifts facilitates the caregivers and patient transfers. The smooth, quiet transfer of a power lifter reduces patient anxiety and provides more focus on the person being lifted. Operated with electric, battery or both these patient lifts reduces caregiver injury and provides more security for the patient during transfer. The high-torque electric motors are capable of lifting from 450-lbs up to 1000-lbs.

  • Hydraulic Patient Lifts

    The Hydraulic Patient Lifts have an easy to use hand-pumps that operate the hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic pumps are easy to use regardless of the patient"e;s weight. Economical Patient Lifts are a safe way to transfer from bed to chair, chair to bed, toileting, bathing and showering. Your particular application needs to be considered when selecting a lift and sling combination. As with anything, having the right tools for the job will insure patient comfort and safe transfer.

  • Stand-up Patient Lifts

    Allows the users to practice weight bearing during rehab, or to transfer while standing. They are ideal for caregivers to help patients safely transfer from any seated surface including bed, commode or wheelchair.

    The lifts are designed to secure the user in an upright position, these devices typically provide support via knee/foot pads, back support, and ergonomic handles.

    These lifts are also known as sit-to-stand lifts.

  • Slings

    A sling is used with a patient lift to facilitate the transfer of a person. A sling comprises a specially designed and constructed piece of fabric, which is placed under and around a resident before being attached to the spreader bar/cradle of a lift to raise, transfer and lower the resident. When selected and used correctly, a sling and lift will achieve a safer transfer, reducing the risks associated with manual handling.

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