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Rifton Tram
Rifton Tram
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Rifton Tram

Model K30x By Rifton

An innovative device intelligently engineered to provide quick, safe, dignified transfers and mobility

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The Rifton TRAM features:

  • an ultralight compact frame that’s easy to maneuver in tight spaces
  • intuitive controls and adjustments, making it simple for a single caregiver to operate
  • a body support system that eliminates any lifting by the caregiver, reducing back strain and workplace injuries
  • 350-pound weight capacity and a powerful battery drive that can deliver over 70 lifts on a single charge
  • an optional built-in scale, allowing you to weigh your client while performing a routine transfer
  • Two TRAM frame models to choose from, Standard or Low-base. With a 3" caster and lower frame base, the low-base TRAM does everything the standard Rifton TRAM does, plus it slides under beds with as low as 4.25" clearance.

More than a patient lift system, the Rifton TRAM combines three powerful functions in one device:

  • Seated Transfers - Ideal for toileting
  • Sit-to-stand Transfers
  • Supported Ambulation
Rifton Tram Design Excellence Award

Rifton Tram Design Excellence Award

The Rifton TRAM, an innovative transfer and mobility device, won gold at the prestigious Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) held in Philadelphia on June 19, 2013. Recognized in the Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology Products category, the TRAM was praised for its thoughtful design and revolutionary approach to safe patient handling.

User and item dimensions

Rifton Tram Design Excellence Award

Item Dimensions (Inches) Standard (K310) Low-base (K320)
Maximum user height 76 (6'4) Same
(When standing or ambulating)    
Minimum user armpit height 30½ Same
(When standing or ambulating)    
Overall product length 45½ Same
Overall product width 27½ Same
Overall product height 43½ (min) — 58 (max) Same
Floor to top of base leg for
furniture clearance    
Turning diameter 50 Same
Total product weight 70 lbs Same
Maximum working load 350 lbs Same

Rifton Tram Features

Rifton Tram Base frame expansion system

Rifton Tram Base frame expansion system

The base frame expansion system adjusts the width of the base frame from 27½"– 40" (70 cm – 102 cm). It expands so that clients can be lifted from wide chairs and wheelchairs, and retracts for maneuverability, and to enable the TRAM to pass through narrow doorways.

Rifton Tram Battery Box

Rifton Tram Battery Box

The battery box houses the microprocessor and rechargeable battery which power and control the TRAM’s electric actuator

A fully charged battery will give approximately 70 complete lift cycles. The battery level light indicates the charge remaining in the battery. A green light means the charge level is adequate for use, yellow indicates that the battery should be charged soon, and red indicates very low charge.

To stop the TRAM motor in the event of an emergency, press the elliptical red emergency stop button, located on the front of the battery box.

The emergency lowering button, located on the front of the battery box, provides a means of lowering the body support if the up/down switch fails.

Rifton Tram Scale

Rifton Tram Scale

The scale has two purposes: it can be used to measure and track a client's weight, and to measure the amount of weight a client is bearing during ambulation. The scale, uses the lb/kg button to display either pounds or kilograms.

Rifton Tram Body support system

Rifton Body support system

The TRAM’s body support system includes the body support pads,patient hand grips (Figure A), ring clips, and the safety belt and buckle.

The back belt has a dual action safety buckle to prevent accidental release. Press the two release tabs simultaneously to release (see Figure B).

The following can also be attached to the body support system, depending on how the TRAM is to be used:

  • Thigh straps (see Figure C)
  • Walking saddle (see Figure D
  • Forearm supports
Rifton Tram Forearm supports

Rifton Tram Forearm supports

Forearm supports give extra lifting support for clients who have low tone and provide positioning support during ambulation. Forearm supports adjust in many directions and angles to accommodate different positioning requirements

Rifton Tram Forearm supports

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    Height 43 ½" min. – 58" max. (110 – 147)
    Weight 70 lbs (32 kg)
    Overall Width 27 ½" (70)
    Overall Length 45 ½" (116)
    Floor to top of base leg 6 ¾ (17.5)
    Mininum user armpit height (when standing or ambulating) 30 ½ (77)
    Max. user height (when standing or ambulating) 76 (193)
    Max. working load 350 lbs (160 kg)
    Turning diameter 50 (127)

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Product Options (For Assistance with customization and options please call us at 1-800-722-2828)
Frame Type

Every Frame includes two thigh straps, one battery, one battery charger and Rifton accessories tote

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Charger Power Cord
Forearm Supports (Pair)


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Arm Platforms
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Additional batteries
[Add $125.00]
Additional thigh straps Single
[Add $34.00]
Pair of narrow thigh straps
[Add $68.00]
Pair of wide thigh straps
[Add $68.00]
Direction Lock Single for Standard Frame
[Add $85.00]
Direction Lock Pair for Standard Frame
[Add $170.00]
Direction Lock Single for Low-base Frame
[Add $80.00]
Direction Lock Pair for Low-base Frame
[Add $150.00]
Removable body support strap
[Add $53.00]