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Adaptive Mobility

Adaptive equipment designed to help children and adults achieve their goals. Help your student, client or loved one build motor skills with mobility equipment as a means to build gross motor skills, opening up a whole new world of participation for a broad range of users.

  • Patient Lifts
    Lifts are used for patients whose mobility is limited, it facilitates the transfer between a bed and a chair or other similar resting places.
  • Gait Trainers and Walkers

    Gait Trainers and Walkers

    Are designed for a wide range of clients with varying abilities, gait trainers provide outstanding support in learning to walk, maintaining momentum, and building muscle skills. When appropriately supported and positioned in a gait trainer, thousands of people of all ages have enjoyed the benefits of gait training such as improved cognition, muscle development, and skeletal growth.

  • Slings

    A sling is used with a patient lift to facilitate the transfer of a person. A sling comprises a specially designed and constructed piece of fabric, which is placed under and around a resident before being attached to the spreader bar/cradle of a lift to raise, transfer and lower the resident. When selected and used correctly, a sling and lift will achieve a safer transfer, reducing the risks associated with manual handling.

  • Seating

    Adaptive Mobility Seating

    The special needs adaptive seating systems offers children the ability to participate in classroom and home activities using a variety of solutions based on the specific positioning or support needs. Whether your needs are for upper or lower body support or encouraging sitting skills while participating in other activities.

  • Standers

    Mobile standers and standing equipment are for people who want to stand without having to stand still. Because muscles and joints tend to stiffen if they’re not used, long-term sitting can lead to contractures of the ankles, knees and hips. Always consult a doctor before starting a standing program.

  • Vehicle Safety

    Special needs car seats provide a safe travel experience for children with special needs along with body support and promote a proper seating position. All of our car seats comply with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards that require all special needs car seats meet FMVSS 213 for Child Restraint Systems.  In most cases accessories are available to customize your adaptive car seat to your specific needs.

  • Special Needs Therapy
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