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R82 Crocodile gait trainer
R82 Crocodile gait trainer
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R82 Crocodile gait trainer

Model 4500 By R82

The R82 Crocodile is light, easy to dismantle and safe and easy to use. The Crocodile is a walking aid for children with special needs, who need supplementary assistance with their daily walking.

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A large group of children can use the R82 Crocodile as a basic posterior gait trainer for the child who needs minimal support, or as a fully supported upright gait trainer with all of the accessories added.

Crocodile aims for harmony, balance and rhythm. Placed behind the child, the frame allows freedom of movement and facilitates walking in the upright position. The adjustable handles can be individually adapted to a position conveniently close to the child’s body providing maximum support and stability.

The Crocodile is available in three sizes and suitable for children between the ages of 2 to 18 years.

R82 Crocodile Standard Configuration

The SnugSeat Crocodile in a standard the Crocodile is supplied with handles, lockable wheels, anti roll back and tension adjustment on rear wheels

Snugseat Crocodile Standard Configuration

Snugseat Crocodile Standard Configuration

Intended Use

The Crocodile is designed to provide users the ability to be mobile. It will grow along with the user and provide many hours of freedom of movement. The Crocodile is light, easy to dismantle and safe and easy to use when the manual instructions are followed. A wide group of children and teenagers with special needs can use the Crocodile as a posterior gait trainer, for example children with CP, GMFCS level 2-4. The Crocodile is constructed for one user only. It is available in three sizes and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

R82 Crocodile Features

Snugseat Crocodile Height adjustable top frame

Height Adjustable Top Frame

Easy to adjust the height without using any tools.

Snugseat Crocodile Multi-adjustable handle

Multi-adjustable Handle

Allows you to grow in width as well as in height. Positioning the grips close to the body gives better support and a better walking position.

Snugseat Crocodile On/off anti-reverse wheel stops

On/Off Anti-reverse Wheel Stops

Keep the unit from rolling backwards. It is very easy to lock/unlock once walking skills improve. The anti-reverse wheel stops are used for children with less balance and control.

Snugseat Crocodile Foldable frame

Foldable Frame

Makes storage and transporting the Crocodile easy.

R82 Crocodile Colors

The R82 Crocodile is available in 4 colors depending on the size

Snugseat Crocodile Yellow Color


Size 1

Snugseat Crocodile Orange Color Size 2


Size 2

Snugseat Crocodile Black Color Size 2

Metallic Black

Size 2

Snugseat Crocodile Metallic grey Size 3

Metallic Grey

Size 3


Snugseat Crocodile Accessories

Snugseat Crocodile Hand brakes


Hand Brakes


Convenient brake for stopping or parking.







Snugseat Crocodile Forearm support with handgrip


Forearm Support with Handgrip


Positions and supports the child's arms

Size Length/Width
1 Cushion L:5¾ x W:3”
2 Cushion L:7 x W:4”

Snugseat Crocodile Cross bar


Cross bar


For mounting back support. Only required on Crocodile size 3. One Size.

Snugseat Crocodile Back and side support


Back and Side Support


Provides lateral hip support

Size Height/Width
Small H:3½ x W:3”
Large H:7 x W:4”




Snugseat Crocodile Back support


Back Support


Helps to stabilize the pelvis.

Size Heigth/Width
One H:41/4 x W:7”


Snugseat Crocodile Strap for side supports


Strap for Side Supports


For added safety when walking

Size Length
One L:14¾-18½”


Snugseat Crocodile Hip support


Hip Support


Provide lateral support for the child

Size Height/Width
One H:3 x W:7½”


Snugseat Crocodile Back support, adjustable


Adjustable Back Support


Only available for size 3. Mounted on the cross bar

Size Width/Height
One W:9½-11½ x H:7”

Snugseat Crocodile Flip down seat


Flip Down Seat


Provides a resting position that a child can use when fatigued. Can be flipped up when walking. W:11¾ x D:4¾





Snugseat Crocodile Sling seats


Sling Seat


For sizes 1 and 2. The sling seat provides partial weight bearing support

Size Waist
1 23½”
2 27¼”

Snugseat Crocodile Handle Knobs


Handle Knobs


Available in one size.








Snugseat Crocodile Bag


Nylon Bag


For transporting personal belongings will handle up to 6.6 lbs (3 kg). For sizes 1 and 2





Snugseat Crocodile Mesh Bag


Large Bag


For transporting personal belongings will handle up to 11.02 lbs (5 kg). For size 3


Snugseat Crocodile Anti-tips swing-away


Swing-Away Anti-tips


Extra safety to prevent the Crocodile from tipping. 86815 For size 1 and 2, 86815-35 For size 3

Snugseat Crocodile Anti-tips  fixed


Fixed Anti-Tips


Extra safety to prevent the Crocodile from tipping 86815-F For size 1 and 2, 86815-3F For size 3



Snugseat Crocodile Measurements and Sizes Chart

SnugSeat Crocodile Measurements and Sizes Chart

  Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
Width between handles (J) 10½ - 21½” 12½ - 23½” 13½ - 27¼”
Height from floor to handles (K) 15¼ - 27¼” 21½ - 34¼” 27½ -39¼”
Width (G) 24” 27¼” 27¼”
Length (H) 28” 32¾” 34¼”
Frame height (I) 19-25¾” 25¼ - 32” 30¼”
Length folded 28” 33½” 39½”
Height folded 12” 10½” 11½”
Weight, standard 12 lbs. 14 lbs. 26½ lbs.
User height, maximum 44¾” 58½” 71”
User weight, maximum 66 lbs. 99 lbs. 176¼ lbs.
Turning radius 29½” 30¼” 35½”

R82 offers a 2-year warranty against defects in workmanship and materials and a 5-year warranty
on breakage of the metal frame caused by defects in welds. The warranty would be adversely affected if the customer’s responsibility of servicing and/or daily maintenance is not carried out according to the guidelines and intervals prescribed by the supplier and/or stated in the manual. For further information, we refer to the R82 homepage/download.

The warranty can only be sustained if the R82 product is in use in the same country where it was purchased and if the product can be identifi ed by the serial number. The warranty does not cover accidental damage, including damage caused by misuse or neglect. The warranty does not extend to consumable items e.g. tires or upholstery, which are subject to normal wear and tear and need periodic replacement.

The warranty is null and void if non-original R82 parts/accessories are used, or if the product has not been repaired or altered according to the guidelines and intervals prescribed by the supplier and/or stated in the instructions for use (IFU). R82 reserves the right to inspect the product being claimed for and the relevant documentation before agreeing to the warranty claim, and to decide upon whether to replace or repair the defective product. It is the customer’s responsibility to return the item being claimed for under warranty to the address of purchase.The warranty is given by R82 or, subsequently, an R82 dealer.

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Product Options (For Assistance with customization and options please call us at 1-800-722-2828)
Select Frame Size    * Required
Size 1 Yellow
Size 2 Orange
Size 2 Black
Size 3 Metallic Grey
[Add $430.00]
Seat Options
Sling Seat (Size 1)
[Add $121.00]
Sling Seat (Size 2)
[Add $121.00]
Solid Seat Yellow (Size 1)
[Add $149.00]
Solid Seat Orange (Size 2)
[Add $149.00]
Solid Seat Black (Size 2)
[Add $149.00]
Solid Seat Metallic Grey (Size 3)
[Add $139.00]
Pelvic Positioning Sizes 1 and 2 Only)
Pelvic Support (7" x 4.5")
[Add $117.00]
Pelvic Pad w/Lateral (3.5" x 4 3/4-9")
[Add $235.00]
Pelvic Pad w/Lateral (3.5" x 7 - 11½")
[Add $235.00]
Hip Support Set
[Add $211.00]
Lateral Strap for Pelvic Pad
[Add $45.00]
Trunk Positioning (Size 3 Only)
Back Support Angle and Width Adjustable (includes Crossbar)
[Add $525.00]
Cross Bar for Back Support
[Add $87.00]
Back Support Strap (11½" x 3")
[Add $78.30]
Back Support Strap (13½ x 4")
[Add $78.30]
Forearm Support Set With Handgrip
Padded Forearm Positioner
Anti Tip Set
Hand brake (You will lose the anti-reverse stop)
Attendant Handle
[Add $108.00]
Storage Bag 7" x 11"
[Add $63.00]
Storage Bag 11" x 14"
[Add $189.00]