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Roho Dry Floatation Isolette
Roho Dry Floatation Isolette

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Roho Dry Floatation Isolette

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The Roho Dry Floatation Isolette has interconnected air cells which provide a low-pressure, low-shear environment for an at-risk infant. The non-powered, adjustable overlay fits standard hospital and home incubators as well as two to four sections can be assembled to be used in larger pediatric beds.

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The ROHO ISOLETTE Mattress is designed to provide protection to infants who are at high risk for ischemic ulcer development.

The two (2) inch high air cells conform and shape to the infant providing a low pressure, non-friction/shear total contact environment ideal for the at-risk infant. In addition, the ISOLETTE has been successfully used post-operatively to enhance profusion. The ISOLETTE is a non-powered, adjustable overlay so it can be used in any standard hospital or home based isolette.


  • LOW PROFILE® air cells protect from possible tissue breakdown while offering portability from one care setting to another.
  • Adjustable: Conforms to the infant’s body contours reducing peak pressure.
  • Made of durable flame-resistant, black neoprene (not made with natural rubber latex), the cushion is fluid and flame resistant. Easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Durable Neoprene Rubber: Flame resistant and resistant to urine, oils and medicines. Easily cleaned with soap or water and can be steam autoclaved. Product can be repaired extending the overall life of the cushion.
  • Ventilation: Individual air cells allow for air circulation between the cells.
  • 2" Cell Height: The LOW PROFILE cell height of the ISOLETTE offers protection from possible tissue breakdown while offering the added benefits of portability from care setting to care setting.
  • Adjustable: Shapes to the infant addressing their specific tissue needs
  • Lightweight: The ROHO ISOLETTE is approximately six (6) pounds making it easy to transport and handle and minimizes fatigue of the individual.


  • The ROHO ISOLETTE comes complete with hand inflation pump, repair kit and operating instructions.
  • Construction: flame resistant neoprene rubber
  • Weighs approximately six (6) pounds.
  • Cleaning: soap and water, or can be steam autoclaved
  • Size: 27" X 15"
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Authorized ROHO Ecommerce Retailer

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    Height 2.25 in. (5.5 cm.)
    Width 26.75 in. (68 cm.)
    Depth 14.75 in. (37.5 cm.)
    Weight 6 lbs. (2.7 kg.)
    Limited warranty 24-month limited warranty

Feel confident purchasing with ROHO’s thirty (30) day exchange / refund for your piece of mind. This Product can be returned within 30 days of Receiving when these conditions are met:


  • Must be returned in the original packaging and both the packaging and product must be in excellent condition.
  • The product cannot be used, the return will not be accepted. No scratches, wear, tear.
  • The return will be at the customer's expense unless damaged.
  • The return Authorization must be requested within 30 days of receiving the product.

Limited Warranty

What is covered? ROHO, Inc. covers any defects in materials or workmanship of the product.

For how long? 24 months from the date the product was originally purchased. The warranty does not
apply to punctures, tears or burns, nor does it apply to the removable cover.

What is not covered? A product that has been misused, damaged by an accident, or damaged from “an
act of Nature”, e.g., flood, tornado, earthquake, fire. Any substitutions of supplied product accessories or modification to the product will void the warranty.

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