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Quickie Shark
Quickie Shark
Reference : EISP5

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Quickie Shark

Model EISP5 By Sunrise Medical

From recreation to racing, ride a Shark

The Quickie® Shark is an innovative, lightweight, and detachable hand cycle with numerous adjustments for an individualized fit. Whether you're riding with your kids for ice cream or interested in competitive racing, the Shark will help you meet your recreation and fitness goals.

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The features, which optimize the efficiency of the bike in competitions, also enhance comfort and performance in leisure time, such as the adjustable crank, the adjustable back and the reduced weight. The Shark can also be folded and comes with a special support which is fixed to the frame. This makes the transport and the handling of the bike extremely easy.


The combined know-how of experienced engineers and users went into the construction of the Shark. The result is a special one-piece frame profile that is designed to meet the stringent requirements of competitions and professional sports activities. The connection between frame and fork is extremely stiff providing more energy for propulsion and greater efficiency.


Quickie Shark's Features

Quickie Shark X-Link Detachment Mechanism

X-Link Detachment Mechanism

The Shark's two-piece assembly detaches for convenient transport and storage in small spaces. When detaching the steering fork, the X-Link Detachment Mechanism raises and supports the seat frame portion of the bike. Once you've loaded the steering fork into your vehicle, the elevated seat has transformed into the perfect transfer platform.

Quickie Shark Adjustable Arm-Crank

Adjustable Arm-Crank

The Shark features an incredibly lightweight arm-crank that can be adjusted to suit your unique seat angle position, arm length, and riding style. The right setup means you experience less fatigue and greater efficiency with each rotation.

Quickie Shark Ergonomic Seat and Back

Ergonomic Seat and Back

The Shark's ergonomic seat and backrest offer seven large and three fine seat-depth settings, three adjustable seat-heights, and an angle-adjustable back for optimal comfort and weight distribution. If you prefer a heavily reclined back, an optional neck support is available for long rides.

Quickie Shark Special Support

Special Support

The special support allows the bike to be set up in a stable position. The fork is easily removed, and the rider can comfortably get off the handbike.

Quickie Shark Comfortable Ride

Comfortable Ride

The innovative, patented design makes the Shark ideal for comfortable biking.

    Weight 33 lbs.
    Shipping Dimensions 71" L x 27" W x 29" H
    Weight Capacity 265 lbs.
    Caster Options N/A
    Suspension N/A
    Transit Approved N/A
    Frame Type Sport Handcycle X-Link Frame, V-Crank, 3 x 9 Gear (27 speed)
    Frame Material Aluminum
    Seat Width 14.8", 16.4", 17.9"
    Seat Depth Adjustable
    Frame Angle N/A
    Front Seat to Floor Height N/A
    Rear Seat-to-Floor Height N/A
    Back Height 10" to 21.5"
    Angle Adjustable Backrest Adjustment Range N/A
    Camber N/A
    Center of Gravity (COG) Adjustment N/A
    Tilt Range N/A
    Wheels Drive Wheel: 26" x 1" Hi Performance, Black Durano
    Hangers N/A
    Footplates Adjustable Short or Long
    Footplate Options N/A
    Axle Threaded Quick Release
    Axle Plate Standard
    Rear Wheel Type 20" 26" Dt Rader
    Rear Wheel Tire Black Durano
    Handrims N/A
    Hub Lock N/A
    Backrest Type Standard Folding
    Back Post Options N/A
    Backrest Options Neck Support
    Seating Seat Sling Standard Cushion with Composite Foam
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Product Options (For Assistance with customization and options please call us at 1-800-722-2828)
Position Fork Mount
15" Setting (38cm)
15.75" Setting (40 cm)
16.5" Setting (42 cm)
Frame Color
Tutti Frutti Orange
Tutti Frutti Orange
White RAL
White RAL
Brilliant Lime
Brilliant Lime
Brilliant Marine
Brilliant Marine
Brilliant Red
Brilliant Red
Brilliant Silver
Brilliant Silver
Matte Lime
Matte Lime
Matte Marine
Matte Marine
Matte Red
Matte Red
Matte Silver
Matte Silver
Hand Crank
Crank Standard V Crank
Handle Type
Vertical Handle Std
Vertical Handle Small
Hand Mount
Handle Right Side
3 X 9 Gear (27 speed)
Seat Sling
Seat Sling Standard
Seat Width
14" Seat Width (36 cm)
15.5" Seat Width (40 cm)
17" Seat Width (44cm)
Back Type
Standard Backrest (Adjustable height and angle)
Folding Backrest
[Add $98.00]
Backrest Position Adjustment
Neck Support
Neck Support
[Add $98.00]
Adj Short (16"-31.5") (40-80 cm)
Adj Long (27.5"-37.5") (70-95 cm)
Drive Wheel
26 X 1" Hi Perf
Omit Drive Wheel
[Subtract $50.00]
Rear Wheel Size
20" Wheel
26" Wheel Dt Rader
[Add $192.50]
Omit Rear Wheels
[Subtract $55.00]
Threaded Axle
Quick Release Axle
Front Fender (26")
[Add $35.00]
Rear Fender (20")
[Add $52.50]
Rear Fender (26")
[Add $52.50]
Front Headlight
[Add $35.00]
Rear Light
[Add $35.00]
Cushion With Composite Foam
[Add $87.50]
Waist Belt
[Add $87.50]
Rear Bumper 20" Rear Wheels
[Add $105.00]
Rear Bumper 26" Rear Wheels
[Add $105.00]