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Leckey Advance Bath Chair
Leckey Advance Bath Chair
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Leckey Advance Bath Chair

Model LAB By Leckey

The Leckey Advance Bath Chair and shower trolley have been designed to reach new levels of functionality and adjustability for the use in the bath and shower. The Advance Bath Chair is available in 4 sizes for infants through to young adults.

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Advance Bath Chair

The Advance Bath Chair provides the user with appropriate levels of postural support ensuring they are safe and secure at all times during bathing. The chair can easily be adjusted to multiple heights—so your child can relax comfortably regardless of how full the bath is.

The simple and easy to use adjustments mean that the product can be set up in a variety of positions in seconds depending on the user’s postural requirements.

The height adjustable legs mean that the product can be set up at the appropriate height for the parent or carer to reduce the risk of back strain or injury.

Bath Support

The Bath Support, available in 2 sizes for children aged 1-9 years of age, complements the Advance Bath Chair, providing support for the less involved child.

The bath support easily folds flat for storage and transportation.

Shower Trolley

With the addition of the adjustable Shower Trolley, the Advance Bath Chair can be converted in seconds to a versatile shower chair.

Manufactured from medical grade stainless steel, the robust frame and high quality lockable castors ensure the trolley can be easily and safely maneuvered over wet and slippery floors.

Product Features

  • Available in four sizes to accommodate the youngest child through adolescence
  • Comes in your choice of 3 colors
  • Extra-soft, breathable mesh material that is removable for machine washing
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Adjustable calf support
  • Optional adjustable hip belt
  • Optional adjustable chest belt with integrated lateral supports
  • Optional abduction belt
  • Optional head support
  • Height adjustable legs
  • Breathable, removable machine washable cover
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Fits onto shower trolley (available separately)

Color Options

The fabric, available in 3 colors, the upholstery is rinse clean, breathable, soft to the touch and can be machine washed at 60°C.

Leckey Advance bath Color Options - Aquamarine



Leckey Advance bath Color Color Options - Royal Blue


Royal Blue

Leckey Advance bath Color Color Options - Pink



Advance bath chair Advantages

Leckey Advance Bath Adjustments

Adjustments are a snap!

Easy to use levers help you set just the right height for the front and rear legs. They can even be adjusted independently to achieve different seat angles. Simple to store, too!

Leckey Advance Bath Easy Fitting

Fits kids of all ages

With four sizes to choose from, we’ve definitely got your kid, adolescent, or young adult covered. Max. weight of 158 lbs. (72 kg)

Leckey Advance Bath Shower Stand

Shower the love!

The optional shower trolley makes the Advance Bath Chair perfect for use in the shower, too.

Leckey Advance Bath Non Slip Footings

No more slip-sliding!

The Advance bath chair’s non-slip footings keep the chair in place—during bathing and play.

Leckey Advance Bath Colors


The Advance Bath Chair comes in 3 different color options: Aquamarine, Royal Blue and Pink.

Leckey Advance Bath Non Slip Footings

Well positioned

The lateral pads keep kids front and center, while the chest strap will keep them from slipping down.

Leckey Advance Bath Material

Solid support

The nylon fabric is woven into a soft, comfortable support, which lets water through while gently supporting your child.

Leckey Advance Bath Security

Your child can relax—and you can too

The unique shape of the backrest lets your child sit in a comfortable, relaxed position while bathing or playing in the tub or shower. Hip and chest straps keep your child upright and secure.

Product Sizing Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4
Age (Years Approx) 1-5 4-9 8-14 12-18
User Height Min 30" (750 mm.) Max 41" (1050 mm.) Min 37" (950 mm.) Max 49" (1250 mm.) Min 45" (1150 mm.) Max 57" (1450 mm.) Min 53" (1350 mm.) Max 65" (1650 mm.)
Seat Depth 9" (225 mm.) 11" (275 mm.) 13" (335 mm.) 16" (400 mm.)
Backsupport 14” (350 mm.) 16” (400 mm.) 18” (460 mm.) 22” (550 mm.)
Head support 6” (150 mm.) 6” (150 mm.) 8.5” (215 mm.) 8.5” (215 mm.)
Calf support 10” (260 mm.) 10” (260 mm.) 13” (340 mm.) 13” (340 mm.)
Seat Height (all sizes) 2" to 17" (50-425 mm.) 2" to 17" (50-425 mm.) 2" to 17" (50-425 mm.) 2" to 17" (50-425 mm.)
Max Weight (all sizes) 159 lbs. (72 Kg)      
Chest support Depth Adjustment (all sizes) 2” (50 mm.)      
Total Width (all sizes) 17" (430 mm.)      

Posture and Function

The Advance Bath Chair is designed, like all Leckey products, to give support at the pelvis, ensuring safety and comfort during bathing.

Leckey Advance Bath Chair Pelvic Stability

The Bath Chair provides pelvic support with a soft, adjustable hip belt.

Trunk and Head Alignment

The Advance Bath Chair is designed, like all Leckey products, to give support at the trunk and head, ensuring safety and comfort during bathing.

Leckey Advance Bath Chair Head Alignment

Trunk Support

Where additional trunk support is needed, a chest belt with integrated lateral supports can be attached.

Leckey Advance Bath Chair Head Support

Head Support

Head support can be easily added to the adjustable backrest to provide additional security during bathing.

Leg and Foot Positioning

The Advance Bath Chair is designed, like all Leckey products, to give support at the legs, ensuring safety and comfort during bathing.

Leckey Advance Bath Chair Abduction Belt

Abduction Belt

Where legs have a tendency to scissor, a padded abduction belt can be attached, ensuring the legs stay in a symmetrical position


Bathing is an important function in its own right, with the needs of the carer being as important as the needs of the child.

Leckey Advance Bath Chair height adjustable legs

Height Adjustable Legs

The height adjustable legs on the Advance Bath Chair mean that it can be set up to a comfortable working height for parents and carers.

Leckey Advance Bath Chair Shower Option

Shower Rolling Legs

When showering is the preferred option, the addition of the shower trolley base converts the bath chair to an easily maneuverable shower chair.


For the health and welfare of others shower chairs and bath products are not returnable.

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The Leckey shower chair is the best shower chair we ever had. It is durable, multi functional and easy to travel with. DME shoppe sells it at a reasonable price and ships it immediately. We are very happy. We tried for years to order this product through our health insurance, but they deemed it a luxury not a necessity.

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Adjustable Hip Belt
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Abduction Strap
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Chest Belt Strap - All Sizes
Chest Belt Strap - All Sizes
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Head Laterals
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Shower Trolley
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Tub Stand
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