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Kaye Anterior Support Walker with Forearm Support
Kaye Anterior Support Walker with Forearm Support
Reference : Y1FS-Y2FS-Y3FS-Y4FS

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Kaye Anterior Support Walker with Forearm Support

Model Y1FS-Y2FS-Y3FS-Y4FS By Kaye Products

Anterior Support Walkers were designed for children and adults who can support their weight on their legs and take steps, but who lack sufficient balance or upper body and shoulder control to maintain their alignment.

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The Y Frame Anterior walkers have a wide, stable base and may be appropriate for users with neuromuscular impairments associated with severe spasticity, athetosis or ataxia.

These walkers are intended for users who need forearm and shoulder support in order to maintain an upright alignment for walking. Forearm support aids thoracic extension (upper trunk posture) by allowing weight bearing on the forearms with the elbows aligned under the shoulders.

Kaye Y Frame Anterior Support Walker with Forearm Support Sizes

  • Y1FS Extra Small
  • Y2FS Small
  • Y3FS Medium
  • Y4FS Large

The Y Frame Anterior walkers are also available without Forearm Supports please see the Y Frame Anterior walkers.

Kaye Y Frame Anterior Support Walker Features

  • Folds for storage and transportation.
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Height Adjustable
  • Width between forearm cushions adjusts.
  • Front wheels can swivel or can lock in the forward position.
  • Rear wheels are equipped with external ratchets, to prevent the walker from rolling backwards.
  • Forward position and angle of handgrips adjust.
  • Angle of chest cushion adjusts
  • Cushion height and overall height adjusts.

Kaye Y Frame Anterior Support Walker Options

  • Optional Swivel Limiters, limits the amount that the swivel wheel can turn. Without the swivel limiter, the swivel wheels can swivel 360 degrees. Adding the Swivel Limiters WSL-1 limits the amount of swivel for users who cannot manage free swiveling.
  • Variable Resistance One-Way Rear Wheels provides resistance to forward motion of the Kaye Posture Control, Posture Rest or Anterior Support walkers. useful for children who have limited control of the speed of their walkers and have difficulty slowing their speed so that they can practice their best pattern for walking.
  • Soft Sling Support The Soft Sling Support is the newest accessory for the Kaye Posture Control Walkers. This support provides additional stability at the hips and pelvis, and helps to center a child within the walker. The Soft Sling Support surrounds the pelvis and attaches with four buckles to the sides and back of the walker. Easy to apply, the Soft Sling Support fits between the legs and surrounds the pelvis and buckles in back. While the Soft Sling Support assists children who have low tone or weakness in the legs and have a tendency to collapse while standing or walking, it is not intended as a seat.Available in 2 models:
      • SS1 Adjusts to fit 18” to 30” pelvic circumference (measure over clothing)
      • SS2 SSS2 will accommodate users up to 150 lbs with a pelvic circumference of 30-40″ (measure over clothing)

What's Included

  • Free Shipping
  • Walker
  • Forearm Supports
  • 2 Front swivel and locking wheels
  • 2 Rear fixed wheels with external ratchets
  • Handgrip
  • Side cushions

Kaye Y Frame Anterior Support Walker Measuring Guide

To determine the appropriate size, model number, and price, measure from the ground to the user’s elbow. Then match that distance with “Height to Forearm Cushion” column in the table below. Where more than one size is appropriate, the larger will allow for more growth.

Height to Forearm Cushion (Floor to Elbow) Model Number
18″ – 23″ Y1FS
21.5″ – 30″ Y2FS
28″ – 39″ Y3FS
37″ – 45″ Y4FS

‘Y’ Frame Walkers with Forearm Supports

Model Features Y1FS Y2FS Y3FS Y4FS
Weight Limits 85 lbs (39 kg) 85 lbs (39 kg 130 lbs (60 kg) 180 lbs (82 kg)
Height to top of forearm cushion (floor to elbow) 19” to 26” 21.5” to 30” 28” to 39.5” 37” to 45”
Chest cushions 5”w x 6”h 6.5”w x 8”h 7.5”w x 9.5”h 7.5”w x 9.5”h
Greatest outside dimensions 25”l x 24”w 32”l x 26”w 37”l x 26”w 45”l x 26”w
Distance between forearm cushions 6” to 10” 6.5” to 12.5” 10” to 17” 12.5” to 19”
Distance between trunk support cushions 6” to 10” 8” to 12” 9” to 15” 10” to 15.5”
Distance between forearm cushion and handgrip 1.5” to 5” 1.5” to 5.5” 1.5” to 5.5” 3” to 7”
Variable Resistance Rear Wheels VR1Y VR2Y VR3Y VR4Y
Available Accessories
Swivel Limiters WSL-1 WSL-1 WSL-1 ” WSL-1
Variable Resistance Rear Wheels VR1Y VR2Y VR3Y VR4Y
Soft Sling Support SSS1 SSS1 SSS2 SSS2

Walker Frame Styles Reference
Kaye Walker Products Guide

DMEShoppe is a Kaye Products authorized dealer

    Weight Capacity Y1FS and Y2FS-85 lbs (39 kg) Y3FS-130 lbs (60 kg) Y4FS-180 lbs (82 kg)
    Overall Width Y1FS-25”l x 24”w Y2FS-32”l x 26”w Y3FS-37”l x 26”w Y4FS-45”l x 26”w
    Caster Options Swivel Limiters


Kaye Products provide a two-year limited warranty. If an item proves defective within two years of the original purchase, we will provide you with replacement parts in order to correct any defect that develops in the product.

Kaye Products, Inc. makes no other warranty, expressed or implied, and does not warrant the product as being fit for a particular purpose. The purchaser, owner, and user assume all risk of personal and property injury due to the use of the equipment.

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X-Small - Y1FS
Small - Y2FS
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Medium - Y3FS
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Large - Y4FS
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Swivel limiters - WSL-1
[Add $27.95]
Variable Resistance Rear Wheels
[Add $111.94]
Soft Sling Support - SSS1
[Add $111.94]
Soft Sling Support - SSS2
[Add $132.30]

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