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Gearless Home Elevator from Savaria
Gearless Home Elevator from Savaria
Reference : SAVGE

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Gearless Home Elevator from Savaria

Model SAVGE By Savaria

When you choose the Savaria Gearless elevator, you appreciate the best. Our gearless traction system operates with extremely low noise levels.

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Whether you are riding the elevator, or in an adjacent room, the overall operation is whisper quiet. Dual traction, heavy gauge ropes and high density rubber guide rollers make for the ultimate smooth ride including a soft start and stop. A bi-directional overspeed governor and slack cable safety brake ensures reliable and safe operation.   


A uni-body construction offers structural consistency for rails, the machine drive and other operational components. The compact design requires less overhead clearance and pit depth than other designs on the market. Finish your elevator in hardwood or veneer, or opt for decorator vinyl laminate.


DME Shoppe offers installation and maintenance of Residential Elevators throughout Southwest Florida, from Marco Island to Sarasota. Call us to schedule a free in-home consultation. We can assist you to find a solution that will meet your needs. We have been providing quality installations and service since 1987.

DMEShoppe is proud to be a Savaria Dealer


Gearless traction system: Gearless electric motor with dual traction heavy gauge ropes for exceptionally smooth and amazingly quiet ride.


Uni-body rail system: Easier and faster installation that requires less overhead clearance and a pit depth of only 8”.


Easy-access service panel: Service panel can be located inside or outside the hoistway making it accessible for maintenance.


Bi-directional overspeed governor: Ensures safe operation of the elevator and slack cable safety brake keeps cable tension uniform at all times for both up and down directions.


Other standard features: Fully automatic operation, modular uni-body rail system, automatic cab on/off lighting, recessed gate pocket, digital display in cab operating panel, home landing feature.


Standard finishes: MDF with or without finish, melamine in choice of finishes (see color chart), stainless steel, clear or bronze anodized aluminum cab operating panel and hall call stations, plywood floor, white ceiling.


Safety features: Cab gate safety switch, pit run/stop switch and car top run/stop switch, emergency stop and alarm buttons, upper and lower terminal limits, final limit switch, mechanical rail shoring blocks, adjustable sling, slack cable safety brake.


Warranty: 36 months parts.

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Optional Configurations: Type 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Cab Sizes:

W36'' x L48'' x H80'' (914 mm x 1219 mm x 2032 mm), Type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

W36'' x L54'' x H80'' (914 mm x 1371 mm x 2032 mm), Type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

W36'' x L60'' x H80'' (914 mm x 1524 mm x 2032 mm), Type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

W40'' x L54'' x H80'' (1067mm x 1371 mm x2032 mm), Type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Optional Height: 84", 96"


Optional Cab Finishes: Recessed hardwood, raised hardwood, finished or unfinished veneer, decorative covering vinyl laminate (see color chart).

Optional Fixture Finishes: Brass #4 finish, stainless steel (handrail, cab operating panel, hall call station). Hall call stations available in rectangular or oval design.

Optional Flooring: Hardwood (see color chart).

Doors and Gate Options: Accordian car gate (choice of style), stainless steel trim pack, brass trim pack, automatic gate operator (accordian gates only), automatic swing landing door operator. For the ultimate in convenience, add Savaria automatic slim doors.


Other Options: Up to 6 stops, two-exit opening, telephone cabinet to match trim, speed upgrade to 60 fpm subject to local code, buffer springs, interlocks for doors by others, keyed on/off control panel and hall stations.

Applications: Residential, indoors


Standard Capacity: 750 lb (340 kg)


Optional Capacity: 950 lb (431 kg)


Maximum Travel Distance: 50' (12.24 m), 60' (18.29 m) where code permits with up to 6 stops and 2 openings

Nominal Speed: 40 ft/min (0.20 m/s), 60 ft/min (0.3 m/s) where code permits

Motor: 1 hp gearless electric motor

Minimum Pit: 8" (152 mm), 11" (279 mm) with buffer springs

Minimum Overhead Clearance: 108" (2743 mm)

Power Supply: 120 volts, single phase, 60 Hz, 20 amps

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