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E-Motion M15
E-Motion M15
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E-Motion M15

Model EM15 By Alber

The only Power Assist on the market powered by long lasting Lithium Ion Technology – 3 x more range!

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New Ergonomic Control System (ECS) that customizes the e-motion M15 to the users needs!



  • 2 Drive Wheels
  • 2 Li - Ion Battery Packs, 12 Ah (6.0 Ah Each Battery Pack)
  • Automatic Li - Ion Battery Charger
  • 2 24” x 1” Pneumatic Tires, Grey
  • ECS (Ergonomic Control System)
  • Standard Mounting Hardware


Push more easily

e-motion merges active mobility with therapeutic benefit. Even wheelchair drivers with impaired strength can move around independently with the help of e-motion. Users have a chance to stay mobile while exercising their vital functions. The load on muscles and joints is relieved. Only minimal force is required to drive the chair alone and the driver’s radius of action is increased. e-motion makes an important contribution to its owner’s independence.


An excellent choice

The modern drive concept, based on a powerful electric motor and ultra long-lasting lithium-ion batteries, have already earned e-motion M15 the title “Focus Green 2008”, an international design award presented by the South-West German region of Baden Württemberg as well as best innovation award at the REHACARE Düsseldorf, the most important Trade Fair for rehabilitation-technics in the world.


A manual wheelchair with extra thrust

Thanks to the gearless drive technology and the exceptionally low noise level, you can get to where you want to discreetly and quietly. e-motion has electric motors integrated in the wheel hubs to support the wheelchair driver’s pushing force.


Each pulse on the push rim is detected by e-motion’s intelligent sensors and converted to precisely the required degree of power assistance—a kind of power steering function for wheelchairs. With this extra thrust, even long distances, ramps or slopes can be overcome without having to rely on a helper. e-motion even lets you go downhill: its power assistance boosts the braking pulse, so that driving down a steep slope is not only safe but also a relaxing experience.

The energy for this purpose is supplied by ultra high-power lithium-ion batteries, so that a wide radius of action and unprecedented durability are guaranteed.


Easy to Operate

The e-motion power-assisted wheel is mounted on the wheelchair in place of the manual wheels. The batteries are integrated in the wheel hub and can be removed from a sitting position. A sensor registers the propelling movement and activates the electrical motors.



  • Rollback delay! Prevents the wheelchair from rolling back while climbing inclines or ramps
  • Two power assistance levels
  • Battery capacity indicator
  • 10 programmable parameters
  • Self-diagnosis for easy trouble shooting
  • E-motion M15 fits most manual wheelchairs new or existing on the market.



  • 2 x Drive Wheels
  • 2 x Li - Ion Battery Packs, 12 Ah (6.0 Ah Each Battery Pack)
  • Automatic Li-Ion Battery Charge
  • 24” x 1” Pneumatic Tires, Grey
  • Self-diagnosis for easy trouble shooting
  • E-motion M15 fits most manual wheelchairs new or existing on the market.


Fits to your needs

alber e-motion assembly

e-motion fits most of the wheelchairs normally available on the market. The old wheelchair wheels can simply be exchanged for e-motion drive wheels. In virtually every case, your existing, individually adjusted wheelchair can thus continue to be used.






It takes just a few small brackets to fix the drive wheels to the frame of the chair. As a rule, the manually operated wheels can still be chosen as an alternative to the e-motion wheels. The desired method of motive power – manual or electrically assisted – is always available in other words.


alber emotion Drive-wheel


  • 22 x 1” or 24 x 1” standard low profile pneumatic tires
  • Motor integrated into the wheel hub
  • Quick-release device for easy attaching/removing of drive wheels
  • E-motion widens the wheelchair by 1-1.5” depending on the model of wheelchair
  • Brushed stainless steel push-rim
alber emotion Battery pack

Battery Pack

  • Up to 16 miles range per charge according to ISO 7176
  • Motor integrated into the wheel hub
  • Long lasting Lithium-Ion technology (approximately 3x more range!)
  • Light weight (5 lbs. each)
  • Easily removable with quick-release device
  • Optional spare batteries available
alber emotion Ergonomic Control System (ECS)

Ergonomic Control System (ECS)

Access programming features at your fingertips to allow independence and LCD screen makes it more user friendly. ECS standard feature on the M15 model and available as an optional accessory on M14.

  • Rollback delay
    • Activation via ECS
    • Prevents wheelchair from rolling back while climbing inclines or ramps
  • ECS Features
    • Programming of driving parameters (10 parameters in all)
    • Large buttons easy to operate with little effort
    • On/Off, assistance levels, info button for current status display
  • Two assistance levels - High/Low, individually programmable
  • Remote Battery Monitor - Check battery capacity from the upright sitting position
  • Self-diagnosis - Display of service and diagnostic codes via LCD screen on the ECS
  • Coded Radio Transmission
    • Prevents interferences with other electrical devices
    • Safe signal transmission and accurate indication of operating conditions
alber emotion Automatic Charger

Automatic Charger

  • Automatic adaptation to any mains voltage (100-240V)
  • Removable power cable
  • Electronic automatic charge and switch-off mechanism
  • State of charge is indicated by the LEDs on the e-motion wheel
  • Charging time is approximately 6 hours
    Weight Each Wheel is 24 lbs. (11 kg.)
    Speed 0-3.7 miles 0-6 km/h
    Battery 25.2 V; 6.0 Ah; Lithium-ions, leak-proof and maintenance-free
    Estimated travel range approx. 16 miles (25 km)
    Battery Charger (input) 100-240 V AC (output) 30 V DC
    Maximum Weight Capacity 286 lbs. (130 kg.)

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Product Options (For Assistance with customization and options please call us at 1-800-722-2828)
Spoke Covers
Transparent with Grey Swing Logo 24"
[Add $325.00]
Transparent with Grey Swing Logo 22"
[Add $325.00]
Drive Wheels (Pair)
Wheelchair Make and Model
Wheelchair Manufacturer and Model 
Tire Style
24" X 1" Low Profile Pneumatic Tires
22" X 1" Low Profile Pneumatic Tires
24" x 1 3/8" Flat Free Inserts
[Add $295.00]
22" x 1 3/8" Flat Free Inserts
[Add $295.00]
Hand Rim Covers
Removable Rubber Covers 24"
[Add $325.00]
Removable Rubber Covers 22"
[Add $325.00]
Dipped Vinyl Coated Hand Rim 24"
[Add $325.00]
Battery Packs
Extra Battery Packs Set of 2 Li - Ion 12 Am
[Add $1,795.00]
Miscellaneous Options
Pair Anti-Tip Support Quick Release
[Add $825.00]
Pair Anti-Tip Support Jack-up Feature
[Add $1,285.00]
Extra Battery Charger
[Add $555.00]
ECS Holders (Neoprene ECS Pouch Holder)
Retractable Reel-Cord Style
[Add $85.00]
Velcro Mount Style-Velcro around frame or armrest
[Add $75.00]
Thigh Strap Style - Ideal for limited hand dexterity
[Add $65.00]
Extra Lanyard
[Add $12.00]
[Add $45.00]

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