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Home Care Beds

Home care hospital beds are primarily used in home settings where a patient is either confined to a bed with an impaired ability or patients recovering from surgery. It can help reduce medical expenses, aid in the healing process, and reduce the amount of time spent in the hospital. When determining which bed is right for you need to consider the patient’s strength, size and abilities. Home care hospital beds support patients for both long and short term care.

  • Manual Beds

    The Manual Hospital home care bed has the same convenient features as electric models, but adjusts manually for greatest economy.

  • Electric Beds

    Electric Home Care beds typically raise the bed frame, head and knees electrically. Electric Home Care beds are easy to use and take away all the strain of raising and lowering of the knees and upper body.

  • Semi Electric

    The semi-electric beds will feature some electric features such as motorized positioning of the upper body and or knees.

  • Deluxe Home Care Beds
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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items