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Foam Cushions
There are many types of foam cushions, ranging from basic to complex. Because of the variability in types, foam can work well for many individuals. Foam cushions can be used for individuals with good sensation who frequently move themselves in the wheelchair. This cushion is usually thin and is made of soft foam so it can be easy to bottom out on it. Several foam cushions are thicker and combine multiple layers of different types of foam. Usually, softer foam is positioned closest to the patient and more dense foam is underneath it. The softer foam helps the cushion feel comfortable and supports the client, while the more dense foam decreases the risk of bottoming out. This type of cushion may be appropriate for some individuals with decreased sensation and who move themselves less frequently. Foam comes in a range of densities and with varying degrees of "memory," holding its shape as you sit, contributing to your stability. The new foams can adapt to any shape, and still provide even support, spreading pressure across the sitting surface. Different types of foams are often used in combination, layered for their various properties of softness, even support, and memory.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 23 items