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Cushions and Backs

Selecting the right cushion for your wheelchair is a very important decision that will affect your comfort and positioning. There are many types of cushions to choose, Foam Cushions, Gel Cushions, Vector Cushions, Air Flotation Cushions, Urethane Honeycomb cushions, and more from various distinct brands. Selecting a wheelchair back could have an enormous impact on your posture and comfort.

  • Wheelchair Cushions

    Selecting the most appropriate cushion is based on factors such as how much time you spend in your chair, how much you move around in your chair, how stable your posture is, and if you are susceptible to pressure sores. When sitting in a wheelchair only one third of the body is supporting all the weight which causes blood flow to be restricted. There are 4 major types of wheelchair cushions, air, foam, gel and honeycomb. Each has its advantages, disadvantages and applications.

  • Wheelchair Backs
    When selecting a wheelchair back one must take into consideration a combination of support, comfort and protection. Other factors such as posterior and lateral pelvic stability along with enhanced trunk support, lightweight and angle adjustable for easy installation, fitting and removal to fold the wheelchair are need to be considered.
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