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Wheelchair Seating and Positioning

DME Shoppe has been designing and manufacturing adaptive seating and positioning systems for over twenty five years and we understand that proper positioning is crucial to the wheelchair-bound client. Determining the correct wheelchair seating is based on a variety of factors such as your range of motion, strength, functional mobility, coordination, postural alignment, sensation and balance. DME Shoppe offers a wide variety of seating systems to help accomplish optimal positioning. Each body is different and a variety of components are applicable to each individual. The proper seating will have many benefits including pressure management, reducing fatigue and enhance balance. For example patients with paralysis have a high risk for pressure sores and therefore usually require special cushions and seating systems to give the skin some relief. There are three basic kinds of cushion materials, each with benefits for certain types of users: air, foam or liquid/gel.

DME Shoppe offers many seating solutions based on patient's need including Foam, Air, Gel, Ride Designs Custom seating, Matrix USA custom seating, Contour-u, Silhouette. Each has its own benefits and application. DME Shoppe will guide you through the myriad of choices available to you.

Seating Products and Services

The products below are some of the choices that are available from the DME Shoppe.

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Ride Designs Custom back Seating

Ride Designs Custom Seating

The Ride Designs Custom Seating supports the unique contours of the user’s body to provide accurate supportive contact.

A thin profile and lightweight design have little impact on seat depth, width, or performance, making it appropriate for all users.

DME Shoppe Matrix Seating USA


The Matrix Custom Seating features infinitely Adjustable Micro-Modular Seating that offers a range of benefits. The see-through design enables confirmation of level of support.

Matrix Seating USA custom back and seats provide unparalleled airflow through the back combats heat and moisture retention.

Custom Wheelchair Seating

Custom Seating

We at the DME Shoppe, design and manufacture locally custom solid seat and back wheelchair cushions with a variety of accessories, foam densities and types, sizes and cover materials.

Custom seating main advantage is that they are custom made to your specification and have built in growth and adjustability.

Silhouette Wheelchair Seating


"Silhouette" uses shape sensing technology and CAD manufacturing to produce custom contoured cushions for precise support.

The advantages of using Silhouette is that it provides even weight distribution and good shock absorbency, as well as excellent pressure relief and stability.



Contour U Wheelchair Seating

Contour U

"Contour U" seat and back cushions provide full contact support.

The advantages of Contour U are even weight distribution and exceptional stability, enhancing the user's abilities the way no off the shelf seating system can.

Roho wheelchair cushion

Roho Cushions

ROHO cushions feature interconnected air cells provide an adjustable , low deformation, counter-pressure environment that assist in the healing of ischemic ulcers.

Available in any size or multi chambered and valved configuration appropriate for the high risk client.



Honeycomb Wheelchair Seat


A multi layered honeycomb is shaped into a subtle contour and specifically engineered with soft and stiff areas. A rear dish provides optimal pelvic positioning for improved posture and stability, and features a sweet spot, a softer honeycomb material that contains the IT's and coccyx.

Jay wheelchair cushion

Jay Cushions

The "JAY" cushions generally begin with a firm foam base that is available with a variety of secondary supports for customization and accommodation of orthopedic deformities topped with JAY flow gel fluid for pressure relief.

There are many more choices in the "JAY" family of cushions.




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