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Ceiling Lifts provide solutions for the care of people with reduced mobility and related conditions. Ceiling Lifts come in two styles: fixed and portable. We offer professional and courteous installation and provide after sale service and preventive maintenance programs.

The Permanent Ceiling Lifts Solution has a low profile design that blends nicely into any room decors. A simple straight track layout provides basic point to point transfers. The addition of a curve track allows access to the bathroom for toilet or bathing needs. Optional turntable, exchanger or gate eliminate almost all mobility barriers and allows you to use our ceiling lifts to their fullest potentials.

The Portable Ceiling Lifts Solution consists of non-permanent tracks, ideal to move around the house for specific needs or when traveling. The Portable Ceiling Lifts is a robust free standing or pressure fitted systems easy to set-up and to disassemble.

DME Shoppe will tailor a solution that fits your home and mobility needs, call us for a free evaluation.

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We stand behind our equipment with unmatched service, high quality control and follow up long after your purchase.

Our knowledgeable staff have the skills required to install and maintain residential elevators, dumbwaiters and a variety of specialty lift equipment. Don't know exactly what product - or even what kind of product - you need? We are here to assist. Our knowledgeable staff will listen to your needs, discuss the options, and provide a free site survey and estimate. For more information on your mobility needs or to setup an appointment do not hesitate to contact us .



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