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Serving South Florida since 1987.

We specialize in the evaluation, design, and production of custom wheelchairs and seating systems for pediatric and adult clients. In the past 17 years, home accessibility products including elevators, vertical platform lifts, stair lifts, pool lifts and ceilings lifts have become an important and growing segment of our company. Our staff, which includes an ATP, CRTS, and RTS, has a combined 55+ years of experience in rehab technology and home accessibility. Currently we are participating providers of Florida Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Florida The SouthCare Network, and Homelink.

Responsive Business with Customer Commitment

We at the DME Shoppe have a personal commitment to maintain the highest level of client satisfaction, continuing education, and to providing the most appropriate solutions to your seating, positioning and home accessibility needs. We are committed to providing our customers with the best service and to develop innovative solutions to improve the quality of life.

Our Team

Carol Method

Carol Method


Carol is the founder of DME Shoppe Inc. since 1987 Carol has been the driving force behind the company. Carol wears many hats at DME Shoppe from sales to martketing, purchasing, A/R, A/P and the general direction of the company.

Team Member

Marcy Balcerzak

Wheelchair Evaluation and Service, RTS

Marcy has over 12 years experience in the complex rehab evaluation and service from pedriatric to adult. Marcy has an extensive knowledge of wheelchair seating and wheelchair evaluations. Marcy is also a wheelchair and seating technician.

Jessica Vozzella

Jessica Vozzella

Office Manager

Jessica has been with DME for over 10 years and is the point person for every project. Jessica is involved in sales, claims, A/R, A/P and with the management of the day to day operation.

Cindi Daniele

Cindi Daniele

Claims Analyst, Marketing

Cindi brings an extensive claim processing and marketing background. Cindi is also involved with women and minorities in business.

Jim Kibler, ATP, CRTS

James Kibler

General Manager and Founder, ATP/CRTS

Jim founded the company in 1987 with Carol Method and has been involved will all aspects of complex rehab, mobility, elevators and stairlifts since that time. Amongst Jim's certifications include ATP and CRTS

Dan Thole

Dan Thole

Service Manager, ATP, RTS

Dan has been with the company for over 20 years, and has a wealth of knowledge in the complex rehab field. Dan oversees all technical aspects of complex rehab including wheelchair modifications, seating. Dan also plans and oversees mobility projects such as elevators, wheelchair lifts and stairlifts.

Rudy Rodriguez

Rudy Rodriguez

Service Technician, RTS

Rudy has been with the DMEShoppe for over 10 years and has been involved in all aspects of complex rehab, wheelchair modifications, seating, elevators, stairlifts, wheelchair lifts, ramps, and customer support. Rudy has been involved in the complex rehab field for over 15 years.

Dominic Daniele

Dominic Daniele

Assistive Technology Professional, ATP

Dominic is involved with complex rehab wheelchair evaluation and repairs including other mobility projects planning and specification, elevators, stair lifts, and wheelchair lifts.



We are a factory authorized dealer and service center for the following major manufacturers:

  • Alber
  • adaptive engineering lab
  • Aquatic Access
  • Body Point
  • Columbia Medical
  • Convaid
  • Danmar Products
  • Easy Stand
  • EZ Access
  • Etac
  • Frank mobility system
  • Freedom mobility
  • Harmar
  • Jay
  • Kay Products
  • Kuschall
  • Lifestand
  • Motion Concepts
  • Mullholland Positioning Systems
  • Invacare yes you can
  • Ottobock
  • Pedicraft
  • Permobil the Power of Mobility
  • Pindot
  • Prairie View Industries
  • Pride Mobility
  • Rifton
  • Roho Group
  • Savaria
  • Snug Seat
  • Sunrise Medical
  • Supracor Medical Products
  • The Aftermarket Group
  • Theradapt
  • Therafin
  • ThyssenKrupp Access
  • Ti Lite
  • Topend Wheelchairs
  • Walkeasy
  • Wheelchair Carrier
  • Varilite
  • MetalCraft Industries
  • Millers Adaptive Technologies
  • mego
  • Access Industries
  • Adaptive Equipment Systems
  • Altimate Medical
  • BodyPoint
  • Colours
  • Clarke
  • Colours
  • E-Motion
  • Guardian
  • Hoyer
  • LaBac
  • Quickie
  • Richardson Access
  • Tash
  • Whitmyer Biomechanix