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Assistive Aids

Assistive devices for Wheelchairs are designed to increase independence and mobility for wheelchair bound users.  Some devices for example are designed to aid propelling while others are meant to navigate a variety of terrains.  The devices are either powered by batteries or are a non-powered accessories for the wheelchair.  Both types are intended to aid users with their ADL's.

  • Power Assist

    Wheelchair power assist devices are added to manual wheelchairs to make it easier for the wheelchair rider to get around and consume less energy.

    It gives the user a sense of added freedom and independence. With a wheelchair power assist you’ll roll further with less effort. In some cases it may eliminate the need for two wheelchairs such as a full power wheelchair and a manual.

  • Manual Assist

    Wheelchair Manual Assist devices are an important part of freedom and independence for wheelchair users.depending on the individual needs

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items