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Air Cushions
Air cushions can provide good pressure distribution when properly inflated. These cushions have multiple interconnected air cells that evenly distribute pressure. Air cushions are frequently the cushion of choice for individuals who have a history of pressure sores. Clients who are at high risk for developing pressure sores due to lack of sensation and a decreased ability to shift their position can benefit from this type of cushion. Setting up and properly maintaining an air cushion takes time. If there is too little air in the cushion, a client bottoms out. If there is too much air, the person does not sink into the cushion. In both cases, this can cause the development of pressure sores. Air floatation cushions support the body entirely on air designed with a group of small, interconnected rubber balloons arranged in rows. Pressure is balanced by air shifting out to surrounding balloons, spreading pressure evenly against your skin. Air cushions tend to be lightweight, and are waterproof. Air cushions can be less stable for those who move around a lot in their chair, but recent designs offer either low profile or quadrant options that minimize this problem. The biggest drawback to air cushions is that they require more maintenance. It is necessary to check the pressure frequently, especially if you have pressure sores.
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Showing 1 - 12 of 33 items